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IDCF Cloud is an IaaS service with which customers can utilize IT resources on an on-demand basis. As a forerunner in the Japanese IaaS market, IDC Frontier launched its services in June 2009. Powered by its own domestically located data centers and high-capacity network, IDC Frontier provides you a stable and reliable cloud environment.

Self Type, which uses CloudStack for its technology, and lets you manage resources on-demand from the web through Self Portal: Managed Type, which is provided by experienced experts with attentive care: Object Storage, which does imposes you no capacity limitation. Moreover, we now have "Private Cloud" service which enables you to have your own dedicated cloud environment without any initial investment. Choose the best cloud for your business.

All of these services are operated in IDC Frontier's large-scale data centers in Japan, and provide high quality and stable IT infrastructure.

Choose The Best Suited Cloud

Public Cloud

Private Cloud

Service Name

Self Type
Click here for details of Self Type

Managed Type
Click here for details of Managed Type

Private Cloud
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Self-service based on CloudStack
Integratable with other domestic/international services by API

Cost not affected by traffic increase
Attentive implementation & operation support

Dedicated private cloud environment based on CloudStack. Infrastructure operation fully managed by IDCF.


Shared cloud environment

Dedicated cloud environment

Billing Method

Utility/subscription billing

Subscription billing

Subscription billing


Utility or subscription




Utility or subscription



System Architecture

No restraint (self service)

Choose among conveniently packaged plans

No restraint (self-service with the whole set of cloud services)


Performed by customer

Technical support by SE

Technical support by SE
*Virtual machine sizing would be your responsibility.

Contract Procedure

Online signup

By written application

By written application

Delivery Lead Time

Approx. 5 minutes

Approx. 1-2 business days


Payment Method

Credit card,
direct debit, or bank transfer

Bank transfer or direct debit

Bank transfer or direct debit

Account Representative

Not assigned




Online support and
optional paid telephone support

By E-mail, telephone, and in-person

By E-mail and phone


Available *

Available *

Use with PrivateConnect





You need an account of IDC Frontier Cloud Service (Self Type).

Packaged Plans for Your Specific Use

[IDCF Cloud "Managed Type"]

Mobage Cloud GREE Cloud Packaged Plan for Smartphone
Mobage Cloud IDC Frontier Plan GREE Cloud Powered by IDC Frontier Smart Phone Pack for Smart Phone Apps
Packaged Plan for Social Apps Packaged Plan for Spot Advertising
Social Apps Pack to configure social apps with Mobage/mixi/GREE Spot Add Pack for periodic campaign website or add landing

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